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Dark Crystal, Finally

Although I grew up loving fantasy movies and loving Muppets, I’ve never seen The Dark Crystal. That doesn’t seem right, does it? Well, I decided to remedy this hole in my education. It takes seven minutes for anything to happen. … Continue reading

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The Festival of Rock Band the Third

My workplace has an interesting approach to holidays. Everyone gets a basic set of holidays off, most of which line up with things like Thanksgiving or “Winter Holiday,” if you know what I mean. And then everyone gets a handful … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Great American Band-Wagon

I have a tendency to anthropomorphize things, which means that a library book sale is a dangerous place for me. Because sometimes I’ll pick up a book, flip through it, and see something like this: I give you The Great … Continue reading

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Metropolis: Awesome

Last weekend, I saw Metropolis, and I’m going to try to explain why it was so awesome. First of all, it was the first Science Fiction Epic. Until Metropolis, science fiction was so disreputable that no one thought a movie … Continue reading

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Every Game is a Role-Playing Game

I used to say that I like games more when I can turn them into role-playing games. But it has since occurred to me that I actually just play every game like a role-playing game, which you’ll have to admit … Continue reading

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Waiting for Rock Band 3

My first rhythm game was Parappa the Rapper, back in 1997. The player adopted the role of a small white dog who rapped about things like driving, making soup, and waiting in line for the bathroom. You triggered phrases by … Continue reading

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The Event (so far)

As you may already be aware, I recap THE EVƎNT for Television Without Pity. That means that I pay a lot of attention to each episode, since it’s my job to both describe the, um, evənts, and to make fun … Continue reading

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Slant That Rhyme

A “slant rhyme” is something that’s almost, but not quite, a perfect rhyme. Like “splat” is a rhyme for “flat” and a slant rhyme for “clap.” The trick to a slant rhyme is that the vowel sounds normally stay the … Continue reading

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I Wanna Be on Wikipedia

I have long wanted to be famous. Not paparazzi-famous, but famous enough that I can go specific places and there will be people who know who I am. And it’s occurred to me that Wikipedia provides a relatively accurate measurement … Continue reading

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Art vs. Artist

I have long since come to terms with the fact that I don’t have to like an artist in order to enjoy their art. A lot of musicians are jerks, but that doesn’t fundamentally change what the song sounds like. … Continue reading

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