Ranking the Updates to Draw Something

A little over a month ago, I said that Draw Something was where it was at. And it was! It seemed like everyone was obsessed with it. It was super-fun!

And then everyone got bored with it after a few weeks because we’d all been playing it so much. But now there are a bunch of updates to the app, so let’s see what we have!

An Undo Button

Great! This really improves the drawing process. I like to change brush sizes a lot, because it creates the illusion of artistic skill. But it also means I keep accidentally drawing giant blobs when I forget to switch back to the thin line-drawing brush.

Three-Digit Numbers

Streaks can now be shown as three digits, which fixes the problem of maxing out at 99. But if you passed 99, you’re starting at 100 right now. I have a streak that I’m pretty sure is really at about 230. But the 130 we got under the old system couldn’t be shown. And apparently they weren’t being tracked either. Phooey.

Twitter and Facebook Buttons

In principle, this is a great idea. With one button, I can send my latest drawing to Twitter. And unlike the old method (where I had to take a screenshot) it strips out the user name of the person you drew the picture for. That’s great, but it posts the image immediately. So if your Draw Something friend follows you on Twitter, they’re going to see it there before they see it in the app. So they’ll see the word you’re supposed to be illustrating. I wish it had an option to automatically delay posting until the recipient has seen it.

Sending Messages

In the original version, you’d sometimes want to apologize for a bad drawing or compliment someone on an awesome drawing. And  the only way to do that was to handwrite it in the drawing area. Weird! Now there are two times you can send 100-character messages: after you finish your drawing, and after you finish guessing someone else’s. This is a neat addition, but I don’t know what messages to send aside from “Sorry! I was in a hurry!” and “Great job!” Even if I think I did a great drawing, it’s a little tacky to mention it in a text message. That’s what the “share on Twitter/Facebook” button is for!

Now. Here are the new features it doesn’t have:


The reason people stopped playing is because it gets really repetitious to see the same words all the time. And when you have thirty simultaneous games of multiple turns a day, you churn through the Draw Something Dictionary really fast. It’s not just that everyone knows how to draw “OLYMPICS” quickly. It’s that I’ve seen it so many times that I can recognize it from the letters at the bottom of the screen before there’s any drawing done at all.

MISSING FEATURE: Reacquisition

I have ten games currently in “nudge” status. That means the other person hasn’t played in days and days. It doesn’t count the games I deleted. There are a lot of people who played, then stopped. I don’t think this is enough to drag them back.


Okay, there are a lot of colors already. But I want more! Or if not colors, I want something else to spend my coins on, because I’ve got an awful lot, and I don’t want more bombs.

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