The Maze of Games Is Just the Thing

I like books. A lot. Not only as things to read, but also as things to own. I’ve got some fancy editions around here. Actually, I’ve got so many physical books that they present a storage problem. So I also have a lot of eBooks, because they don’t take up any space. And this way, nobody comes into my house and notices that I’ve got three autobiographies by members of KISS.

I also like puzzles. I am totally into figuring out riddles and acrostics and whatnot. The best is when it’s a set of puzzles that all work together to form a giant puzzle. When I go to Gen Con, I love the Puzzlehunt, where you get to wander around and solve puzzles of various types.

So! I am super-excited for The Maze of Games, a new kickstarter by Mike Selinker. It’s a book that contains puzzles, and it’s also a novel that is itself, a puzzle. There are mazes you follow and they tell you what puzzles to do next, and the puzzles probably combine into words, and the words tell you a new puzzle, and so on. It’s going to be great!

Even the Kickstarter has a set of puzzles in it. I’ve, um, already done them. Because puzzles are fun!

Did you ever read Masquerade, by Kit Williams? It was a mostly-impenetrable book that contained riddles that eventually led to an actual treasure. I was obsessed with that book, although I didn’t solve any of the riddles. That’s not my fault. I was young, and they were very hard. It was a lot of fun, though. The Maze of Games is going to be great.

And I didn’t even mention how it’s going to be themed like 1897 England, and how Pete Venters is illustrating it. Yay!

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