Star Wars Is a Setting, Not a Genre

The six Star Wars movies are all basically the same kind of movie. You’ve got some action, some stabs at philosophy, and a bit of a love story. But Star Wars is more than that, and I’m hoping Disney understands that.

There are scores of novels. There have been so many video games that I’m honestly tired of flying an X-Wing. At this point, you can tell any sort of story in the Star Wars universe you want. You can have comedies. You can have romances. You can have film noir. You can do pretty much anything. Well, except documentaries, I guess.

Now, Episode VII, VIII, and IX can go ahead and follow the basic Star Wars model. That’s fine. But these other movies they’re talking about, the ones about Young Yoda or Young Han or Young Jabba or whatever? They can be anything. We could see Young Han and Young Lando recreating Swingers. Maybe a private eye on Coruscant has some trouble with the mob.

Lots of things are possible, and they’d all still feel like Star Wars. I hope they don’t just keep making the same movie.

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