Manly Banister!

It started when Rhias brought this book into the Drones Club.

It’s a science fiction novel from 1957, which was recommended by one of her coworkers, who added that he didn’t know anything about Manly Banister.

As it happens, at the same time I was reading this book.

A Wealth of Fable, by Harry A. Warner, Jr.

That’s A Wealth of Fable, a very entertaining book about Fandom in the 1940s. And on page 113, I ran across this.

Yes! Manly Banister was a Known Fan! He even had a fanzine named Nekromantikon! At this news, Rhias hatched a brilliant plan: she would research Manly Banister. She would research him to hell and back. And then she would present her coworker with a fascinating dossier all about Manly Banister.

And now we’re going to jump forward to tonight. Look what Rhias got in the mail!

Yes! Magazines with Manly Banister stories in them! The Fantastic has the first half of the two-part Magnanthropus, which probably means she’s going to have to get the second part at some point.

The point is that I think our coffee table currently holds one of the world’s finest Manly Banister collections. If you don’t count the woodworking and bookbinding books he did after he got out of science fiction.

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